NoCo's Best is all about finding the best of the best in local food. Each of the top three spots below has been voted as the best by you, the people of Northern Colorado. Because who knows NoCo better than the people who actually live here?

It's no secret that Northern Colorado is home to some really awesome stuff, food just happens to be one of those things, and in this particular case, I want to focus in on one of my favorite foods, chicken wings.

For the past couple of years in our "Best of NoCo" contest, I've volunteered to go all-in on the best chicken wings in Northern Colorado and thanks to your votes, I checked out the top 3 places for wings in NoCo.

In no particular order, here are the three best wing spots as voted by listeners:

Jim's Wings

Whether you attended CSU, been to any events on campus or just been around Fort Collins for a minute or two, you've probably checked out Jim's Wings and if you haven't, you need to make that happen.

I absolutely loved the mango habanero and for a little milder flavor the garlic parmesan but if you like to bring the heat like I do, there's no shortage of those choices as well. The Buffalo Ram Hot was one that had my nose running and sweat pouring out of me and if you dare try it...make sure to have lots of milk handy.

As for some of the other flavors that stood out to me, the extra hot buffalo and the Way-Hot Buffalo which gives you that nice kick to make you want more instead of bringing tears to your eyes like the "Ram Hot" but maybe that was just me.

Jim's Wings, you guys and gals rock.

Wing Shack

Wing Shack is a favorite in Fort Collins (and all over Northern Colorado) From the dry rubs to their many sauces, there is always something new to try here. Wing Shack has 12 flavors ranging to the mildest of mild to the hottest of the hot that will leave even the heartiest and spiciest wing connoisseur begging for mercy. (At least that's what the "Bear Hot" did for me)

I only could eat two and I was tapping out and begging for ice milk and bread to cool my mouth off.

Whether you are looking for something sweet or something to set your mouth on fire, our friends at Wing Shack have something to please every taste bud.

Plus it's cool to see them doing some great things in our community as well. 

Music City Hot Chicken

Anything and everything to do with fried chicken is right here at Music City and this is just a reminder to don't sleep on their wings. Sure, their sandwiches are to die for and their chicken plates are fantastic as well especially when you get them with the famous potato salad, delicious.

Let's not get sidetracked though, we're talking wings and some of their unique flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. I especially enjoyed the "bacon-aise", "Fireball Maple Syrup and the Honey Butter flavors.

If you love wings and fried chicken in general, Music City Hot Chicken is a must-visit.

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