We hear the complaints from many Colorado residents of how they are tired with the influx of people moving in. But are we actually able to stop it?

That is what one petition on Change.org is looking to do, as it is asking Governor John Hickenlooper if we can stop people from moving into the state.

The description on the actual petition says the following:

"We are sick and tired of everyone flooding into our beautiful state and destroying it. I'm a 4th generation native and it has never been this bad in Colorado. The traffic is becoming unbearable my normal 20 minute drive to work now takes me almost 2 hours every morning. This is out of control and we must do something about it. Our beautiful state is being destroyed by these inconsiderate transplants. Several of our most beautiful destinations have been ruined. For instance Hanging Lake recently had to close down due to so much garbage on the trail. This is where we draw the line! Gov. John Hickenlooper it is time for you to show us that you really care about Colorado and stop all of these transplants from invading our state."

Of course, the petition has ignored the fact that residents that have lived in the state for many years have also played a part in the garbage that they talk about at Hanging Lake.

But I digress...

As of Thursday afternoon, the petition had over 1600 signatures already has they try to reach their goal of 2500.