My fiance and I had a pretty lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch. We ended up watching "Yesterday". In the movie, after a strange global blackout, the Beatles never existed. Only one struggling musicians remembers them, or their music, before the strange blackout. He then decides to take all of the amazing Beatles music he remembers, that in this reality was never made, and write it and record it as his own.

The world loves the music, including current singer songwriter Ed Sheeran, who plays himself in the movie. He is set to release the "greatest album ever recorded" made up of all the great Beatles music we know. I won't give anything away, but it raised an interesting question.

If the Beatles were a new group today. Releasing all of their hit music in today's world, would they be the icons that they are. Would the songs Hey Jude, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields Forever, and Come Together be what they are? The Beatles changed music forever, but I believe that they were the right band for the right time. They wrote music that invoked emotion for what was happening in the world at that time.

If you put John, Paul, George, or Ringo on The Voice, American Idol, or Americas Got Talent, they would not win. However, no one can deny that The Beatles belong on the Mt. Rushmore of music. We wouldn't have what we have today without them. But would they make it today? By the way, "Yesterday" is a great movie. with an even better soundtrack.

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