Not only is Colorado home to the highest town in North America, but it is now officially home to the highest gym in North America, too.

Looking to take your fitness routine to the next level? A trip to Alma, CO might be in your near future.

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The Highest Town In North America

Did you know that Alma, CO is the highest town in the Centennial State? (no... not that kind of high.)

Alma, North America's Highest Incorporated Town stands at 10,578 feet above sea level.

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Founded in 1873, Alma is small but mighty (not to mention, beautiful), boasting an estimated population of 275 according to the town's informational website, with an estimated 1,000 residents in nearby subdivisions.

"Life above it all" in Alma consists of spending time around town, enjoying and taking advantage of all its local offerings. From visiting Alma's restaurants/bars to taking trips to the local grocery store or exploring different shops in town - the residents and surrounding neighbors of Alma get together multiple times a year to celebrate the joy of living in this small mountain community.

These days, however, Alma and its residents have something new to celebrate.

Alma, CO Is Now Home To The Highest Gym In North America

There's working out at or near sea level... and then there's working out 10,361 feet above sea level.

Alma's Gym
Alma's Gym

Thanks to Alma's Gym in Alma, CO, those who are interested in taking their workouts to the next level have the opportunity to do so - and to do so from nearly two miles high.

According to KRDO, the high-elevation gym is attracting people from all over the world who want to test their abilities in the much thinner air.

"Just last week we had people from zero elevation England come and train," Cody Lefever, the owner of Alma's Gym said.

"They wanted to see what they could do at elevation.”

About North America's Highest Gym

Like other traditional gyms/fitness facilities, Alma's Gym in Alma, CO provides its gym-goers with free weights and cardio machines, and also offers personal training sessions.

Unlike other traditional gyms/fitness facilities, because Alma's Gym stands as high in elevation as it does, the gym houses its very own oxygen bar.

"At over 10,000 ft elevation, Alma can be rough for some people. Supplemental oxygen can temporarily help relieve symptoms of altitude sickness, such as migraines and fatigue... great before or after your workout.", the gym's website reads. 

I don't know about you, but I'm tempted to take my workouts to new heights. For more information about the highest gym in North America, visit the gym's website here. 

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