Johnstown will be getting Colorado's very first Woods Supermarket in 2024; it could also be the first supermarket in Colorado with a bar inside.

Imagine walking through this Colorado store, getting your vegetables, laundry detergent, and chicken for dinner on Sunday, and then you see your neighbor having a cocktail over at the bar.

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Would that be weird?

Colorado Grocery Store with a Bar

Coming to Ledge Rock Center in Johnstown is a supermarket chain out of Missouri, Woods Supermarket. It's great that Johnstown will be getting its own large grocery store (Hays is great, but not large) instead of having to drive out of town.

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Johnstown continues to grow and grow, with more and more people moving in; Ledge Rock Center will have many more moving to town. With more people you definitely need more places to get groceries, but how about getting a drink?

Will Johnstown, Colorado's, New Grocery Have a Bar?

As work is getting underway for Woods Supermarket at Ledge Rock Center, I for one am eager to see how a bar will look inside of a grocery store. Those who have seen the plans for the market note that there is definitely a bar, and a sushi bar, as part of the plans.

Pros and Cons of Having a Bar at a Grocery Store

If the Woods in Johnstown is going to have a bar, clearly, the executives and marketing team at Woods Supermarket did research about putting a bar inside one of their stores. They must have weighed the positives and the negatives about it, and landed on "Why not?"

Some "pros" about a bar in a grocery store:

  • A customer has a drink and is now more free-spirited to buy more goods within the store. "Yes, let's go ahead and get those Oreos."
  • The kids are driving Mom nuts, so Dad will continue to shop with them, while Mom has a White Claw at the bar.
  • The bar would never be in short supply of fresh fruits/vegetables for the drinks.
  • By having a bar inside, people might be more enticed to come in and shop (buy more,) instead of having their list delivered.

Some "cons" about a bar in a grocery store:

  • A grocery store is a family venue; how will parents feel about their kids seeing people at the bar while helping Mom get tomatoes?
  • Dad takes a break from shopping to go over to the bar, leaving Mom to do it all.
  • "Jim" has a few drinks and gets belligerent with the young staffer bagging his groceries.

Again, I'm sure that Woods has gone over all of this and has a solid plan in place. I bet that the bar will probably be shielded from shoppers (a 5-foot wall), and there will also probably be a one or two-drink maximum at the bar.

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