They only play four games this season. They play at home, at the Budweiser Events Center, twice. Brace yourself for the Legends Football League and the Denver Dream!

Helmets, shoulder pads, bikinis. Women playing football.

The Denver Dream are back, after being on hiatus for about 7 years. They are a part of the Legends Football League, which did indeed used to be called the Lingerie Football League.

It's 7-on-7 full contact football played on a 50-yard field, with a slightly smaller football. You'll find that there are no field goals, extra points or punts. No kicking! Since there are no punts, if a team hasn't gotten a first down after three downs, they 'go for it' on the fourth down.

The Denver Dream have four games in the 2017 season. They play the Chicago Bliss twice and the Seattle Mist twice. Each, once at home at the BEC and once away. The two games that the Dream have at home are on Saturday nights. April 29 and July 1. Tickets start at $14 and go up to $69.

Who's interested?

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