What is it about a duck race that seems so American? When I hear ‘rubber duck race’ and I think of apple pie, lemonade, kids and a bluegrass band! Windsor’s Optimist Club is holding their annual race on July 8. I say we all go!

Rubber Ducks

On Saturday, July 8, 2017, scores, if not hundreds of folks, will gather for Windsor’s Optimists Club’s Rubber Duck Race! All the ducks for the race have already been ‘adopted,’ with that money going to helping local kids through the Optimists various programs throughout the year; so, this is great fun for a great cause! The first through third place finishers will take home some cash, too!  I wish I had remembered to adopt a duck!

The ducks will float along Greeley Canal #2. The starting point is behind Windsor Gardner; the finish line is at the bridge behind the Windsor Recreation Center. There's a path on both sides of the canal, so lots of folks can follow the ducks! They say it will start at 10 a.m. SHARP.  I wonder how many people will be showing up to get a great view of the ducks floating by!

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