It's important to do all we can to take care of the planet; we only have one, after all!  So TRI-102.5 is teaming up with the Harlem Globetrotters to think "green."  Read on for the Green Tip of the Day, and to see how you can win Globetrotters tickets!

With all the recent legislation about charging people for plastic bags at the supermarket, the idea of switching over to re-usable grocery bags has left some people felling nickel-and-dimed.  But when you take the whole "bag fee" idea out of the equation, it really is better for the environment!

Steven Apfelbaum, an ecologist and the founder of Applied Ecological Services, Inc., a leading ecological consulting firm says that he uses reusable bags not only for shopping, but also for tasks like gardening and toting pet supplies. He explained that the process of making traditional paper grocery bags includes over-harvesting our forests, chemical off-gassing and a lot of energy consumption. And don't even get him started on plastic bags. They blow all over the landscape, fill up our landfills and pose a hazard to wildlife.

So yes, it might be frustrating at first to have to pay an extra ten cents at the grocery store; but if everyone gets into the habit of using reusable bags, then everyone's dimes stay in their pockets.  Plus, the Earth will definitely thank you in the long run!

Do you have a tip for staying green?  Share it with us and you could win Harlem Globetrotters tickets!