The Harlem Globetrotters know how to put on a show.

Not only do they have an on court routine that works every time, cracking kids up with references to modern commercials, films, and events, blaring popular music, great dance moves, all wrapped around amazing basketball moves, but they also involve themselves actively in the communities they regularly visit.

During the games, you’ll hear choirs, see dancers, and experience people from right here in Northern Colorado. They visit schools, spread positive messages and, in order to help let everyone know that they are doing this, they invite radio DJs to participate as well.

This weekend, I was invited to play for my second time. The guy across the hall, a DJ on one of our other stations, Goldberg, played as well. It was a DJ vs. DJ situation, which, I imagine, usually ends up with a final score of about 2-0, or 4-2, or something horrible like that.

Ours was 8-0. It wasn't my goal to keep them off the board. They did that to themselves.

My goal was the same as in every basketball game I play.

  1. Do my best
  2. Have fun
  3. Win

Since it is a lot more fun to win than lose, #3 and #2 blend together. Part of #1 in this case was to 'do my best' to not make them feel stupid. I'm not sure if it worked or not.

Either way, I definitely achieved #2, and hope everyone else did as well!