There could soon be a different kind of McDonald's in Colorado. When you're as big as "Mickey D's," you can't get stagnant; you have to find ways to "mix it up."

This new concept that's starting to show up in the Chicago area, seems ripe for an expansion into the Centennial State. It sounds like they're marketing team decided to go back over 30 years to give the concept a name.

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McDonald's New Concept

The new concept coming out of the McDonald's empire is "CosMc's." There's a lot of buzz happening outside of Chicago about it.  It sounds like it's going to be "coffee-centric," kind of like their "McCafe" meets Starbucks.


It's hard to say why they chose to name it "CosMc's," aside from CosMc being a retro character from their 80's marketing. CosMc was an alien that would come down to Earth to hassle/pal around with the McDonald's characters of the time.

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I always liked the McCafe side of the McDonald's around Colorado; you grow up having Happy Meals, and then, as an adult, hit McDonald's for a latte.

I can see these small McDonald's sprouting up in Colorado like we see Ziggi's everywhere these days.

This CosMc's is reportedly going to be opening in early 2024; how long will it take for it to reach Colorado? In all likelihood, they'll start out in Colorado Springs; it seems all new food things start out there.

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