Only two things will be same on American Idol this season, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest. Everything else, all new. So, many people are thinking the show just won't be the same? I found a list from that has the 10 Reasons Why This Will Be the Best 'American Idol' Season Ever and here is reason #1 and #2:

1. So Long, Simon!

That's right, 'American Idol' season 10 is better off without the man who made it a household name. Yes, the acerbic, biting commentary and Cheshire Cat grin will be missed, but when the star/lead judge of the show is more bored by the competition than you are, it's time to bring in new blood. His absence will surely be felt early on, but fans can be a fickle lot. If J.Lo, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson can bring back that power trio magic of 'Idol's' early years, fans will find letting go of Simon (and Ryan Seacrest's constant ribbing of the Brit) that much easier.

2. Cutting the Crap

If there's one thing we've learned from the past nine season of 'Idol,' it's that winning isn't everything -- or even anything in some cases (Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard can attest to that). In fact, it's often the finalists, and not the winners, who find the most post-'Idol' success. Which is why the move to cut the round where the Top 24 is whittled down to 12 makes sense. 'Idol's' producers smartly reason it will give viewers more time to get to know the cream of the crop with special "musical challenges" rather than wade through three weeks of mediocre performances. It'll be a welcome and much-need tightening of the season.

See the full list of reasons this will be the best season ever according to Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez will join Randy Jackson this season as the show's Judges.  American Idol premieres Wednesday, January 19th on Fox.

So what do you think? Will this be the best season ever? Share your comments below.