Christmas movies...the list is LONG and whether it be the many classics or the endless amount of Hallmark Christmas movies that ALL seem to be about the same thing.

There's just something about hanging out and watching them this time of year.

I tend to lean toward the silly and humorous ones with my all time favorite Christmas move being National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I've watched that movie so many times that I practically know every line of the movie by heart but something that's always bugged me is... if the family is supposed to live in the Midwest (Illinois), how the heck are they surrounded by towering mountains in so many scenes? I'm from the Midwest (Ohio) and I KNOW there are know areas like that anywhere near where the Griswold's live.

So after many years of wandering and being suspicious of the movie's depiction of the Griswold family's whereabouts, I'm relieved to FINALLY get some closure as to where the heck they were filming some of those scenes and the answer is...right here in Colorado. According to 9 News in Denver, several scenes, including the opening scene where the Griswold's are driving through a beautiful valley to find their Christmas tree..that was shot in Breckenridge.

Now I need to watch this for the 1 MILLIONTH time tonight.


The actual trek through the mountains (which looks EXTREMELY cold) and the tree cutting scene was shot near the Breckenridge Golf Course...


And the famous sledding scene where "Clark" puts on his special wax on his sled was shot on Peak 8 at Breckenridge...


You can actually go behind the scenes and check out what the filming looked like with the Griswold crew right now thanks to GoBreck.


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