Well, at least we can speculate that it's a Tik Tok trend, but we may never actually know for sure. The internet seems to think it's a Tik Tok trend - at least dating back a couple of years - but even if it is, tell me this isn't the absolute dumbest thing you've ever heard of.

In fact, you could call it downright cheesy - even cheesier than this very pun itself.

In a thread on the Fort Collins Subreddit, started by u/VegeoPro, the user informs the community that someone unidentified has stuck what appears to be a slice of good old fashioned American cheese on their car.

Don't know if it's Kraft or Velveeta, or maybe one of those generic brands offered by any of the area's finest grocers. But that slightly pale orange color and its visually velvety smoothness - in addition to the fact it really looks stuck on there - tells me it's 100% American cheese. We all know cheddar or colby wouldn't stick like that, at least not without a little heat behind it, and it's been too cold for optimal cheese melt conditions the last few days.

By the way, as one Reddit user points out, American cheese is not technically cheese, but actually a cheese product. But I digress,

The comments on the thread are what really make it a winner, most of which playing on the fact that things like this tend to perpetuate themselves across social media, all claiming to be part of some much larger, more serious crime spree and almost always a hoax.

One user riffed on that concept by commenting, "This. It's a common calling card of the Lactose Crew. They originated in LA but recently moved out here. I'd look around your house for signs of a break in and check to make sure all you(r) dairy products are still there."

Absolutely hilarious. But wait, there's more.

Apparently there's a serial pickle gifter running around Portland this week as well. And you're 100% welcome for that little tidbit of weird news.

A quick Google of the world wide web indicates that in fact, tossing a piece of cheese and getting it to stick to vehicles is - or at least was back in 2021 - a thing on Tik Tok. But what does it mean when your car gets cheesed?

Are you being targeted for abduction? Are you part of some bizarre gang initiation? Police say it's usually just a bunch of cheesy kids having fun, and unless it causes any damage, peel it off and go about your day. For what it's worth, if you're thinking about tossing some cheese at someone's car, know that technically you're breaking a law and you should reconsider before you do it.

NOT that we endorse this trend or encourage it in any way, shape or form, but the gift of free cheese sometimes is too Gouda to be true.

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