We could have another Monday off if we really do pursue paying recognition to a key date in Colorado history. You might take that day off to visit The Stanley.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is a wonder unto itself: The majesty, the beauty, the 'perks of privilege' that it represents. Add in how it's known to be the inspiration for one of the most famous horror novels and movies, and you have yourself a popular tourist attraction.

It was Monday, September 30, 1974, when author Stephen King and his wife stayed in room 217 at The Stanley. After having a nightmare during the night, King woke and had the premise of his next novel, 'The Shining.'

The book would come out three years later, followed by the motion picture in 1980. Jack Nicholson's performance as the tormented Jack Torrance brought King's character from the pages to the screen, frighteningly.

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Most people know that The Overlook, in 'The Shining' is The Stanley, and they make it a point to visit the hotel because of King having been inspired there, in Room 217. Mr. King made the hotel, Estes Park, and Colorado, itself, famous. Coloradoans take pride in the fact that that classic novel and movie came from The Centennial State.

Mr. King has added to the economy and mystique of our area and our state, that's why I propose that we make September 30, or the following Monday, a state holiday.  Who doesn't enjoy a three-day weekend?


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While King set the story at a Rocky Mountain hotel, he named that hotel The Overlook. Can you imagine how crazy things would be in Estes Park if King had actually named The Stanley Hotel? You could easily estimate at least 50% more visitors to the estate and the town.

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