Colorado adventures can vary, depending upon what kind of adventure you're looking for. A recent list of eight great adventure experiences in the U.S. chose one Colorado adventure.

People travel to Colorado for all sorts of adventures, from skiing to mountain climbing; the state's beautiful outdoors makes many adventures possible. In many ways, visitors to Colorado often have more fun than those of us that reside here.

Colorado Adventure

Many Coloradans have gone on one of these adventures, others are too nervous to brave it out. If you have done it, you know the adrenaline rush it can bring: that fear of serious injury/death, yet you do it, just the same.

What Are Some of the Other 7 Adventures They Recommend?

The folks at put together their list of "8 of the Best Adventure Experiences in the USA," including:

  • Exploring Denali National Park in Alaska.
  • Havasu Falls Hike in Arizona.
  • Hiking the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
  • Explore Glacier National Park in Montana.

Have you done any of those? They do seem like "must-do" adventures; those that have been to any of those listed, rave about their experience.

While most of the eight that they list are national parks, Colorado's adventure is not Rocky Mountain National Park.

What is Colorado's Best Adventure Experience?

According to, whitewater rafting is the best adventure experience you can have in Colorado, and that's hard to argue. Taking on a raging river alone, or with a group, can make for a great day.

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The most popular river in Colorado, the Arkansas River, has over 100 miles of whitewater rafting possibilities, ranging from Class I (easy) to Class VI (extraordinarily difficult/expert.)

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Get our free mobile app also lists these rivers for your whitewater rafting adventure needs:

  • Colorado River
  • Clear Creek
  • Animas River
  • Cache la Poudre River
  • Yampa/Green River
  • Taylor River
  • Roaring Fork River
  • Blue River
  • Gunnison River
  • Eagle River
  • San Juan River
  • Rio Grande River
  • San Miguel River
  • North Platte River
  • Delores River
  • Piedra River
  • Uncompahgre River

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