America's longest river is the Missouri River which measures an amazing 2,341 miles from the Centennial Mountains of Southwestern Montana to the Mississippi river.

In Colorado, our longest river isn't as long as the Missouri River, but it is the 4th longest river in America. Do you know which one is the longest in our state?

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How Many Rivers are in Colorado?

A total of 158 rivers run through the great state of Colorado. 156 of them have headwaters located in Colorado. The two that begin outside the state include the Green River and the Cimarron River.

What are Colorado's 10 Longest Rivers?

The 10 most significant rivers in the state of Colorado include The Rio Grande, Arkansas River, Colorado River, Canadian River, Green River, North Platte River, Cimarron River, Smoky Hill River, South Platte River, and the San Juan River. We will zoom in on each river in the photo gallery below to learn more about where they start and end.

Which River is the Longest One in Colorado?

Colorado's longest river is the Rio Grande. The headwaters start in the San Juan Mountain Range and flow all the way to the Gulf of Mexico at Brownsville, Texas. The Rio Grande is over 1900 miles long. Take a closer look at Colorado's 10 longest rivers below.

What is the Longest River in Colorado?

Take a closer look at the 10 longest rivers that flow through the state of Colorado. From the Rio Grande to the San Juan River, scroll on for a look at the 10 longest rivers found in the Centennial State.

The Colorado River Starts High in the Rocky Mountains

A small lake high in Rocky Mountain National Park is the Colorado River's source. From its start, the Colorado River flows 1,450 miles to the Gulf of California.

KEEP GOING: These are Colorado's Largest Lakes and Reservoirs

These are the largest lakes and reservoirs in Colorado. Without them, parts of the state would not last in the high desert climate. Find out more about their location, volume, and elevation from largest to smallest.

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