Over 800 breweries will be at the Great American Beer Festival. Which ones will be showing up from Loveland to look for medals?

Over 4,000 beers will be on hand at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival, September 20 through 22, at the Colorado Convention Center. The annually sold-out event brings thousands of folks from across the country out to taste the tasty beers.

Loveland's representation at the event is almost an even split of the breweries that the Sweetheart City has.

Let's take a look at who WILL be there:

Crow Hop

Grimm Brothers

Loveland Aleworks


*Also Rock Bottom (alongside their Denver partners)

I look at that list, and I see breweries who are looking to take home more awards to put on their walls.

Now the ones that WON'T be attending:

Big Beaver

Big Thompson


Rock Coast

I did have a chance to talk with a couple of the brewers that aren't going. Big Thompson sighted it as a conflicting date. Turns out, GABF changed when their event is, and Big Thompson will be celebrating their third birthday during that time frame. They do look forward to being there next year.

Rock Coast stated as I had suspected, that they are too new of a brewery and just aren't ready to be there and do it the way they want, so they'll wait to next year to make their GABF debut.

Good Luck, Loveland! CHEERS!

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