It's time to start watching for the bursts of fall colors to show up throughout Colorado. The summer heat seems to be fading fast and all things pumpkin are starting to show up all over the state.
We had a long dry summer once again which can sometimes make the color change come a bit sooner than expected. In some areas its already happening.
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Colorado's Fall Color Timeline for 2022

Colorado's Fall Colors start to show in September and by October it's a color explosion. This year we expect the color change to sweep across the state by mid to late October and come to an end by early to mid-November.

Prime Time Fall Colors on the Western Slope

September and early October are the best time for fall colors in Mesa County. Fall color change hikes on the Grand Mesa are a great way to enjoy the September Colors. Late September and early October are a great time to head to Dinosaur Country as the colors really start to show as you head north on 139.

Fall Colors on the Front Range

By October the colors have reached much of the Front Range in Colorado. By the middle of October, the drive across the mountains on I-70 will be full of fall colors. By late October, the fall colors will be in the southeastern plains and then gone till next year.

Take a look at the maps below to help plan for fall colors in your corner of Colorado.

When Will Colorado See the Fall Colors Change in 2022?

It's been a very hot and dry summer in Western Colorado. The good news is that this means the fall color change may arrive just a tad earlier than last year. Take a look at the forecast for fall color in Colorado below.

Beautiful Fall Color Photos from Around Colorado

You don't need to travel to New England to see amazing fall colors. Just drive around Colorado's mountain roads and you'll experience the brilliant glow of Aspen trees sometimes backlit by a blanket of snow.

Fall colors normally peak around the end of September through the first weeks of October.

Grab your loved ones, a picnic basket, and your phone to take in the amazing fall colors around Colorado.

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