It's a Subaru, duh. Oh, it's not a Subaru? Hold up. 

Despite the number of Outbacks with 'COEXIST' stickers you see pulling out of Whole Foods parking lots across our great state, Subarus are not the most sought-after set of wheels in Colorado -- nor are giant coal-rollin' Ford F-150s, surprisingly.

So, what is? Popular Mechanics recently linked up with auto analyst Tom Libby from IHS Automotive to do an extensive study on which cars are most popular in each of the 50 states, finding their 'unofficial state car.'

Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

According to Libby, in the Mile High State, it's the Nissan XTerra, which he says 'sells at 524 percent the national average.' Now that he mentions it, I do see a lot of those around.

Also... wait for it...

Yep. There it is.

To see the other states' cars, you can read the full story by Popular Mechanics or check out this map.