It appears that the number of people becoming sick from a salmonella outbreak at AIMS Community College and two Weld County restaurants has peaked at 37.

The investigation still continues, however, and the restaurant's two locations wait to reopen.

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The Weld County Health Department issued a statement on March 9, 2018, regarding their investigation into a salmonella outbreak in mid-February from food catered to the AIMS Community College campus, and food dined upon at the restaurant that catered the food's locations. After going the last five days without a report of any new victims, they've determined that the number of victims has peaked at 37.

20 people fell victim to salmonella after Burrito Delight, with two locations (one in Dacono, one in Fort Lupton), catered food to the campus. 17 others contracted salmonella after dining at the restaurant.

Four people were hospitalized.

The health department stated that several of the employees of Burrito Delight did test positive for salmonella, but it wasn't clear if the employees or the food was the source of the contamination.

The Health Department is partnering with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in examining all possible sources of the illness. Large outbreaks are complex, and it becomes difficult to isolate the index case of exposure.

In the meantime, both Burrito Delight locations remain closed, until the investigation is concluded.

Get more on the outbreak and information ABOUT salmonella from the Weld County Department of Health - HERE.

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