Summer is definitely the perfect season for outdoor fun; but unfortunately, it's also the perfect season for mosquitoes.  And this year, those little blood-suckers come with a high risk of West Nile virus.

According to a press release, all of the mosquito testing zones in Weld County exceed the vector index for West Nile virus this year.

“When the vector index exceeds 0.50, the risk for human infection increases greatly” said Dr. Mark Wallace, Executive Director for the Weld County Health Department.

The highest vector index in Weld County is 2.30, found in the Johnstown and Milliken area.  That's the same area where the year's first human case of West Nile has been reported.

Whether you're in that area or not, do everything you can to avoid mosquitoes.  Wear bug spray, drain any standing water around your property, stay inside at dusk & dawn, and wear long sleeves!