Weld County leads Colorado in natural gas production. The county is also the top producer of oil in the state, which plays a part in the equation.  Garfield County had held the top spot for natural gas in Colorado since 2007, but now it is us.

Weld County produces nearly nine of every 10 barrels of oil in Colorado. Producers in Weld County are targeting oil and getting “associated” gas as a bonus. Producers in Garfield County, who target gas, haven’t had prices high enough to justify drilling for several years now.

In percentage terms, Weld County accounted for a third of the state’s gas production last year, while Garfield County claimed 32.6 percent and La Plata County, home to Durango, came in third at 19 percent.


Although Colorado gas production looks like it will decline this year, Weld County is seeing less of a drop.

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