It’s strange to think that after 20 years, we may actually know who killed JonBenet, by the end of September. CBS has a docuseries on the case coming out, and it looks…serious.

Coming up in September, a new CBS crime show ‘The Case Of…’ premieres, taking on one of the most notorious cases in Colorado history: the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.  The young pageant queen was found dead in her home, at the age of six, on the day after Christmas in 1996.  20 years later, the state and the nation are still transfixed on the case.

It was all over the news for years. Investigations galore took place. A grand jury was convened. Yet, no one was ever arrested for her death. So, why wouldn’t a TV show want to hire their OWN investigators to get the bottom of it, getting us chomping at the bit to watch? I can tell you right now, after seeing the trailer for the mini-series, I’m definitely in.

It looks a little cheesy, like a lot of these kind of shows do: You know, over-dramatic. Bring it down a notch, guys.  But, the fact that they have gone and built a complete replica of the Ramsey’s house (which saw the OUTSIDE of over and over again back then), and the fact that the 911 operator from Patsy’s call was never asked to testify- (Really?) makes me want to see what they dig up.

On the other hand, as a friend of mine brought up, if the series’ investigators HAD actually found out the truth- who killed JonBenet and why, wouldn’t we, here in Colorado, have already heard by now?

Still… With just three 2-hour episodes… I’ll bet you dollars to donuts this thing gets ratings through the roof!

It starts Sunday, September 18.

Who’s in?

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