Crossroads Church in Loveland recently filmed a video of their band performing Lady Gaga's hit from 'A Star is Born' on one of Loveland's smaller lakes.

Silver Lake resides on the eastern side of Loveland, north of McKee Medical Center. Having grown up in Loveland, I've known about the lake my whole life, but never really been out to or on the lake. It's not that 'kind' of lake.

So, it was great to see that Crossroads Church Band had shot a video on Silver Lake. It turns out that they know someone who lives on the lake, and were given access.

I didn't even know there is a dock on the lake. I'm told that a lot of homes on Silver Lake do have docks. The band's performance of the song is wonderful and the video looks perfect.

And, just for fun, here's Kevin James as 'Sound Guy' in 'A Star is Born'

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