Wyoming is full of history and historic figures, like Sacagawea. Sacagawea is one of the most famous women in the history of the United States for her part in Lewis and Clark's historic expedition at the age of only 16.

According to Shoshone historians, Sacajawea is buried on the Wind River Reservation in the Sacajawea cemetery. The cemetery is just a few miles away from 'The Path Of Honor' veterans memorial in Fort Washakie, WY.

Husband and Wife YouTubers, Colorado Martini, visited the Wind River Reservation and noticed the dates and information on the gravestone that differ from historical information of the legendary Sacagawea.

Colorado Martini travels all around country giving viewers an opportunity to check out historical locations, haunted locations, ghost towns, old buildings all over the US and share it with anyone that wants to watch their show. Their Facebook page says:

We travel across the USA in search of legends, history, graves & great travel destinations.

In this video, the couple travels to the Wind River Reservation and visits the grave that is said to be Sacajawea. During the visit they show the gravesite and tell a little of the story of Sacagawea after her historic trip across the Western part of the country.

History says that Sacagawea died in 1812 and the date on the grave marker, in Fort Washakie, says 1884. They also raise question about the graves of  Sacajawea's children that are right next to hers, saying there is no record of her having a child named Bazil and her son Baptiste is said to have died in 1866, not 1885 as shown on the gravestone, and is buried in Oregon.

According to History.com a novelist named Eva Emery Dye wrote in her journal:

Out of a few dry bones I found in the old tales of the trip, I created Sacajawea…

Saying she wasn't happy about what was known about Sacagawea, she wanted to make her out to be a model of a brave, smart woman and that she re-wrote history in her 1902 novel 'The Conquest', to do so. This may be part of the reason there is confusion on all parts.

Even though there are a few discrepancies and questions, the Wind River Reservation did an investigation and through oral history, determined that it IS Sacajawea buried amongst her people here in the great state of Wyoming.

The cemetery and gravesite just 3 miles from highway 287 in Fort Washakie.

Sacajawea gravesite
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If you've never been to the cemetery before, you can see much of what is featured there other than the gravesite or Sacajawea. Take a few minutes and check out Colorado Martini's trip to the Wind River Reservation.

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