There were powder days before Halloween. Numerous powder days.

It was the earliest opening in recent history thanks to a moist fall all over northern Colorado, so skiers and snowboarders like me are chomping at the bit to get up there and make some turns.

Skis tuned? Check. Passes purchased? Got 'em.

There's one more thing that must be done before the gnar can be shredded. We have to watch the annual Warren Miller film.

How does a half century old film making company reinvent itself year after year? Well, this year, it's by keeping it simple, as in this year's concept and title. It can't be boiled down to the essence of skiing and riding more than Ticket to Ride.

The tickets that we use to ride are real and figurative. They are our passes that we pay for with money, and our time, that some of us scrimp and save. While others leave their vacation time for summers, we sweat through the heat, and leave 'floating' days, so we can react for when storms blow in. We spend extra time with our spouses and families (if they don't ski or ride) so that they'll remember us when we are at the resort from late February through early April.

I spoke with Randy Morgan of Outpost Sunsport. They bring the Warren Miller film to Fort Collins every year, and we talked about the film, the way he feels when he gets his ticket to ride, and what some of his favorite Colorado ski runs are every year.

Warren Miller's Ticket to Ride was shot on location at some amazing ski and snowboard areas, both backcountry and in bounds. From the Tordrillo Mountains to Iceland, from Aspen to Switzerland, this film promises what every WM film brings; turns. Lots and lots of turns.

Ticket to Ride is showing at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins on Friday November 8, 2013 at 6:30 and 9:30. Tickets and info here