There is a small restaurant on Laurel Street (next to Pickle Barrel) making a lot of news lately. The Gold Leaf Collective is quickly becoming one of the most buzzed about vegan/vegetarian eateries in Fort Collins.

A few months ago it was announced they would start selling three different vegan cheeses and now, there are vegan doughnuts that are baked, not fried, with a gluten free option. Talk about doing specific diets correctly.

The doughnut is made by Rustic Donut which was sold to The Gold Leaf on February 15th. Currently, customers can find Rustic Donut in over 20 coffee shops around Colorado.

The cheese is produced under the Gold Leaf Creamery Cheeses, and is available for sale at The Gold Leaf and Mountain Avenue Market in three options: Soymilk Mozzarella, Herbed Cashew Spread, and a popular Mac & Shew Cheese Sauce.

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