Denver is scheduled to play 16 games with Drew Lock in his first season as the starting quarterback. How does USA Today think they'll do?

Denver's 2019-2020 season 'kicks off' on September 9 in Las Vegas against the Raiders (Raiders suck!) and ends against the Raiders again (this time at home) on December 29.

While the question remains of whether or not fans will be allowed at Mile High for the games, USA Today has put out their predictions for the NFL season, including how the AFC West will fare.

Their prediction for the Broncos: They'll end up 9-7. Ouch.

According to the predictions, nine wins will be enough for Denver to get a wild card playoff position, but not enough to top the 12-4 that USA Today predicts for the Kansas City Chiefs.

On the bright side, USA Today says that the Raiders will go 7-9. Sit down, Raiders.

USA Today
USA Today

Get the full NFL breakdown from USA Today HERE

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