An update to this week's story involving Loveland Police and the death of a man involved in a rollover crash on Saturday night.


The Larimer County Sheriff's Office released a statement on December 3 regarding the shooting on November 30.

The release states that when the first officer arrived on the scene of the rollover, the car was lying on the driver's side. Inside the car was a man, now identified as 40-year-old David Mathew Harper from Fort Collins, and he was holding a gun.

The officer instructed the man to put the gun down. The man did not comply and shot at the officer. The officer fired 'multiple times' at the man. During all the shooting, a second officer arrived on the scene.

The Larimer County Coroner's Office determined that Harper's cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.



On Saturday, November 30, 2019, Loveland Police responded to a call about a rollover crash in east Loveland on Highway 402 in between Boise Avenue and St. Louis Avenue.

According to The Reporter-Herald, once officers arrived at 11:39 p.m, one of them saw that the man inside of the crashed car (the only car involved) was 'brandishing a gun.'

Reports say that one officer was close to the vehicle and one was further away; shots were fired, and the driver was shot.

At this time, it's not clear what exactly happened: the man may have used his weapon on himself, or he may have been hit by one of the officers.

A body camera was in use that night, which may help clear things up.

Get more on the incident from The Reporter-Herald HERE.

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