The University of Northern Colorado is investigating a report of antisemitism on campus that appeared in a social media post in December.

According to the Greeley Tribune, the Instagram account Jewish on Campus, @jewishoncampus, posted an anonymous letter from a UNC student on Dec. 15.

“Someone left a note on my door that said, ‘Jews created COVID-19 to subvert the white race.’ This note was covered with stickers of various Jewish caricatures. A bag of rat poison was taped to the bag,” the unidentified student shared via Instagram.

Tobias Guzmán, the chief diversity officer and associate vice president of student affairs for UNC, immediately responded to the post: “A message from UNC: the President (Andy Feinstein) and I are very concerned about this post(.) Just minutes ago we were made aware of this,” he wrote. “Please reach out to us so we can do a proper investigation.”

Guzmán said the individual who reported the incident to the Instagram account has yet to come forward to university officials.

The Greeley Tribune says that university officials attempted to contact the Jewish on Campus Instagram account, but have yet to hear a response.

Officials had hoped if not to get more information about the reported incident, to at least have the account’s operators contact the impacted student and let that student know officials want to investigate the matter further.

“We have a lot of empathy that people can feel alone, especially in this kind of trauma or this kind of hate-type act,” he said. “But we just did not have a lot of information, so at this point, we’re still trying to figure out who that person is.”

Although the student's anonymous report has make it rather difficult to look further into the incident, Guzmán said he understands why the student might be hesitant to come forward.

“When marginalized populations are impacted and … if they have this threatening feeling to it, there’s this feeling of being a target and … of ‘I don’t want to disclose who I am because more action can take place,” Guzmán said. “But if we want to eradicate, eliminate and destroy these kinds of behaviors, then obviously we need to take the next step.”

Guzmán says that the university's goal is to always let the campus know that it denounces these types of actions.

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