If you bank at U.S. Bank, you may want to get to your local Northern Colorado branch before 1 p.m. on Friday.

U.S. Bank announced that in recognition of the Juneteenth holiday, which celebrates the date that all slaves were officially freed in the United States, they'll be sending all staff home and closing all branches at 1 p.m. that day.

In a statement on their website regarding the early closure, they said

We are encouraging our employees to use this time to serve in our communities, commit to inclusion and advocacy, or simply educate themselves on this very important topic

If it weren't for Fridays being so busy, banking-wise, I'm guessing that they'd be closed the entire day.

The institution recommend that customers utilize the online banking services that are available and to use their app.

I bank at U.S. Bank (and have since it was called American Bank, way back in the day), and I absolutely stand behind this decision.

[Source: U.S. Bank]

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