There has been a lot of controversy over full body scanners in airports in the last several months. My last trip flying out of Las Vegas, I was randomly selected for a full body scan. It wasn't horrible by any means, but I would say inconvenient. Either side your on, for or against, the full body imaging that is being conducted in airports across the country will take a few extra minutes of your precious time. This week, a less intrusive scanning software is being tested according to The Coloradoan:

TSA Tests New Body Scanning Technology At Vegas Airport

The new technology, introduced at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport for a 45- to 60-day trial, is designed to

detect potential explosives and show them on a blurred "generic outline" of a person projected a monitor that can be seen by screeners and travelers. The outline will be identical for all passengers.

The TSA will introduce the software at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International and Ronald Reagan Washington National in the next few days.

See the full story on The Coloradoan.

What do you think? Glad the scan is "more modest?" Share your comments below.

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