TRI 102.5 Northern Colorado's All Christmas Station wants to set you up with a great stay at the wonderful Elizabeth Hotel by showing us your ugly sweater!

We know Northern Coloradans have ugly holiday sweaters that they want to show off and we want to see them! The ugliest will win a $500 stay at the beautiful Elizabeth Hotel in Downtown Fort Collins! Plus, we'll throw in an extra $100 for you to get something nice for your pet!

It all begins by having the free TRI 102.5 app on your phone  - once you do, you can submit your Ugly Sweater Photo via the app:

Dave Jensen, TSM

We'll take submissions through December 9, 2018, and post the photos the week of December 10, 2018, so folks can vote on who has the UGLIEST sweater!

That person will win $500 to stay at the beautiful Elizabeth Hotel along with $100 to get a nice Christmas gift for their pet!  Be sure to tell your friends that you've entered- every vote will count!