They are the mystery of the music industry: 'Whatever happened to....?' Those one hit wonder bands (singers) of yesterday; and why didn't they ever see the top of the charts again? But, forget about the mystery for this weekend- TRI 102.5 is CELEBRATING those great songs!

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Starting Friday afternoon (January 19, 2018) in the 2 p.m. hour, be listening, as TRI 102.5 will be highlighting GREAT songs by bands that only had one solid hit. It's a One Hit Wonders Weekend!

They sought fame and glory, and they achieved it. Albeit, for a very short time-  Those artists and bands that became known as a 'One Hit Wonder.' Some of the greatest songs that TRI 102.5 plays throughout every week ARE by One Hit Wonders. Ths weekend, though- we'll be putting them on the pedestal they deserve; because though the artists/bands never really charted again- these are songs that people still LOVE!

Plus, we'll be 'going into the back' and bringing out some real gems that we don't usually play! 'Don't Worry, Be Happy', Major Tom (Coming Home), 'I Want Candy'- to name just a few!

Be listening, and take note of the songs you don't already have in your download collection - and then enter to win a $200 Visa card, so you CAN have them!

Here's ONE of the gems we'll have on our 'One Hit Wonders Weekend!'

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