On line dating sites used to be looked down on by so many people, but now they are so common place and responsible for over 25% of relationships. In fact there are so many dating sites on line that it's almost impossible to list them all.

Match.com, Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, Cupid.com and so many more.

But are you getting the honest picture of who you're meeting on line ? Most likely not.

Opinion Matters ran a survey and found the top ten lies that men and women post to their dating profiles. Over 53% of Americans admitted to lying about their appearance amongst other attributes.



Top Ten Lies Told by Men Top Ten Lies Told By Women
1. Job (better than it is) 1. Weight (losing a few pounds)
2. Height (taller) 2. Age (losing a few years)
3. Weight (losing or gaining a few pounds) 3. Physique (toned)
4. Physique (athletic) 4. Height
5. Money 5. Money
6. More senior than they really are at work 6. Bust (gaining proportions)
7. Interesting profession 7. Glamorous profession
8. Knowing celebrities 8. Knowing celebrities
9. Having PA 9. Having a PA

10. Working in the film industry


Most lied about professions:
What men say they work in when they don’t What women say they work in when they don’t
1. Healthcare 6. Music 1. Entertainment 6. Legal
2. Finance 7. Marketing 2. Marketing 7. Media
3. Film industry 8. Public sector 3. Finance 8. Travel
4. Travel 9. Engineering 4. Sales 9. HR
5. Entertainment 10. Leisure 5. Film industry 10. Leisure

10. Working in entertainment