It's is the season to dig into movies that I love watching this time of year. These are not the traditional Christmas movies like: "The Santa Clause", "Christmas Vacation", "Elf" or "The Grinch That Stole Christmas". These are regular movies that have Christmas in them, but are not focused entirely on the holiday. There's just enough Christmas representation to call them my holiday favorites. Here is my top 5 must-see movies for the holiday's:


  • 1

    Die Hard

    One of the all-time best. Even my mother, a fine Christian woman, loved this movie. She would always preface that by saying, "even though it has naughty language."
  • 2

    Just Friends

    One of my favorite comedies. The opening scene with Ryan Reynolds in the fat suit singing "I Swear" had me in tears. For all those who've been trapped in the "Friend Zone", you'll understand it completely. There's enough Christmas in there to make it seasonal.
  • 3

    Funny Farm

    A cute movie with Chevy Chase and directed by George Roy Hill (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting, Slap Shot). I loved Chevy's character and the town he and his wife have to deal with. It is a family movie with, of course, Christmas in there.
  • 4

    Die Hard 2

    Yes, I know. Seems obvious considering the pre-qual is on the list and it does borrow on the same themes the original had, but it was fun. Some of it was filmed in Colorado, including Stapleton International Airport.
  • 5

    Better Off Dead

    A great comedy classic with John Cusack. Though the title would suggest a dark theme, it was actually a movie about total and absolute redemption. If you've been to Utah, they filmed some scenes at Alta, Brighton, and Snowbird.

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