Come on, Fort Collins, who do you think you are, Brooklyn? You're cool, but you're not that cool. But for real, this isn't just me whining (this time), we may actually have a housing crisis on our hands. 

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Slinging hash and waiting tables just isn't enough to make ends meet these days if you're on an $8.23 per hour wage. According to Attn:, the National Low Income Housing Coalition reports that in Colorado, minimum-wage workers must work over 75 hours per week just to pay rent on an apartment. There is no doubt that we feel that struggle in Fort Collins. This makes you wonder if our minimum wage is too low, or our cost of living is too high.

In Seattle, where the cost of living is also astronomical, the government is striving to raise it's minimum wage to nearly double what it is in Colorado, at $15 per hour in 2016.

This may seem like an easy fix for cities whose working class struggle to even find affordable housing. However, it can present a whole new set of arguments and problems economically.

Do you think Colorado needs to raise minimum wage, lower the cost of rent or do you think that makes the problem worse? See the infographic from National Low Income Housing Coalition here.