I love learning little Tid Bits of information.  Here are a few fun facts I bet you didn't know.

1. One witness of Lincoln's assassination lived so long he was able to be interviewed about it on TV. Samuel Seymour was at Ford's Theater . . . and was interviewed about it in 1956, at age 96, on a show called "I've Got a Secret".

2. Duffel bags are named after a town in Belgium called Duffel, where the fabric for the bags originally came from.

3. "Public school" in England is the equivalent of "private school" in the U.S. It's a school you have to pay for. Our "public schools" are called "state schools" over there.

4. The only planet that's not named after a Roman god or goddess is . . . Earth.

5. The tradition of presidents wearing an American flag pin started because of a Robert Redford movie from 1972 called "The Candidate". He wore one in the movie, Nixon's chief of staff saw it, and had the REAL president start wearing one.