Just in time for Halloween, a local brewery is throwing a party where they're going to film the dance sequence from Michael Jackson's 'Thriller.'

Here's an event that has TRI 102.5 written all over it! It's probably the most iconic dance numbers of the 80's - the zombies' dance number in 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson. How many times have you done your best to imitate it?  Coming up for Halloween, you can be taught the steps and be in a video!

It's happening at Old Colorado Brewing Company in Wellington on Halloween, from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.

There'll be a dance instructor on-site teaching everyone the moves for this special rendition of the number. Then, everyone will dance for the camera where they'll film it and post the video on social media. You could go VIRAL!

Bonus-- everyone who participates that night will get Buy-One-Get-One on beers!

It's Halloween, it's a fun dance... Who's in?

Get more on the event HERE!

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