Or maybe your your grandma is one of those fun ones with blue hair and cat-eye glasses, in which case, you might. 

It's Palisade Peach season in Northern Colorado, and you might be hitting up some of those cute roadside stands. Sure, you can freeze and blend 'em or cook them into a nice cobbler -- or, you can spike them with some of these fun 21+ cocktail ideas via Pinterest. I don't even drink, but I might drink to these delicious ideas.

Peach Margarita


Baker by Nature makes these by simply throwing some peaches and OJ in a blender, and then add tequila on the rocks for what she calls a 'happy hour at home.'

Ginger Peach Moscow Mule


Here's one for Mollie Kendrick: a ginger peach Moscow Mule. Alwaysorderdessert.com shows you how to make a peach puree to add to your ginger beer and vodka for what they say is the perfect end of summer drink.

Bourbon Peach Slush


According to Reciperunner.com, the smokey, warm flavor of bourbon whiskey complements our sweet Colorado peaches well. This Bourbon Peach Slush recipe looks really easy to follow, as it's really just combining a few ingredients in a blender, and should take less than five minutes.