You think you'd like to visit the Devil's Tower National Monument? Would you like to sleep near the base? That's possible with an Airbnb I've found that literally has the tower directly out of the windows where you would wake up.

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This is known at The Windows Room on Airbnb for a reason. The windows have one of the most iconic Wyoming sights right outside. There aren't many options that get you closer to the Devil's Tower National Monument than this. See the pics for yourself.

This Wyoming Airbnb is at the Base of Devil's Tower

This Airbnb hosted by Gabriel is described like this on the listing:

Come stay at the closest lodging to the park, right at the base of Devils Tower. Our rooms are cozy, the hot tub is ready, and breakfast and dinner are served at our long table, family style.

You don't wake up with the Devil's Tower at your feet for free. The cost per night is $173 per night according to Airbnb.

Looking at the pictures, I can imagine that you might see Richard Dreyfuss creating a mashed potato tower in a room like this. Or, maybe not. But, it is about as close as you can get to having a Close Encounter of the Third Kind in an Airbnb that I've ever found so far.

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