College kids running in their skivvies. Not everyone is thrilled about it, but it’s going to happen. The CSU Undie Run. Here are the bare facts about the event.

Undie Run
Scott Barbour, Getty Images

May 5, 2017. Sure, it’s Cinco de Mayo, but it’s also the day the CSU Undie Run is happening. It begins at 8:00 tonight, with the scantily clothed students running a one-mile lap around campus. Some are for it, some are not. Either way, the run is on.

Oh boy, here we go. Will it be mayhem? Hopefully not. I mean, they DO have the following rules set up:

  • Arrive in your underwear. Leave outer clothes at home. Unattended clothes will be thrown away.
  • No touching ANYONE. Not even a booty-slap will be tolerated.
  • Don't break or damage anything.
  • Follow the safe route that the CSU police set up.
  • After the run, go home or to a house party- do NOT go to old town.
  • Do NOT be naked.
  • Watch out for your fellow Undie Runners.
  • Don't act like a CU student. [Burn!]
  • Be safe, have a great time!

I can see this being a 'bucket list' thing for the students. Something to check-off before they go out into the real world, where we hide our shame!

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