I had this when I was a kid and it was frustrating. I just wanted to sit in the back and read a book or play a game like all the other kids but I couldn't. Once the car started moving and I looked away from the road the nausea would kick in. There were a few times when it got worse than that. The upside was I always got "shotgun" - the coveted front seat. Sitting there helped stave off the sickness.

A French car company has come up with what they say is the cure for car sickness. While we applaud the attempt at the cure, the fashion side of us are screaming for another attempt. These glasses have round hollowed out frames with blue liquid in the front frames and the side frames. The blue liquid is supposed to mimic the motion of the fluid in our inner-ear. There might be a sacrifice in fashion, but that might be better than cleaning up a mess in the back seat.

The company that makes them is called Citroen. You can pre-order a pair today at citroen.com. Oh, they're only $115 for this non-barf fashion sensation.

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