I saw a story this morning that focused on a sandwich in the UK called the "chip butty". It's not to be confused with our childhood homemade concoction of bread, mayonnaise, and the chips of our choice. I was particularly fond of my Fritos sandwich. I was disappointed to discover that it wasn't the same kind of chip sandwich.

The folks in the UK are quite proud of their chip butty and they are taking credit for its invention. Ingredients: bread, french fries, and the condiment of your choice. While I don't recall the exact day and time, I'm thinking I've done this before. As complicated as the recipe might be, I am certain I had the moment of brilliance to add these things together.

This story and the reaction from the British about us "discovering" this sandwich has been most humorous. How proud the Brits are about their chip butty. I wonder if someone needs to remind them that those are FRENCH fries in that sandwich. Meanwhile, while others may be waiting for this sandwich to cross the big pond, I may make a run to the store and make one myself. I'm confident in my skill set in the kitchen to pull this one off. Maybe, instead of french fries, I'll use hashbrowns? I'll take a picture of it and then Tweet it. That should get the Brits in a lather.

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