I have nothing but my own observation to rely on, but I do believe there are more of the classic Volkswagen Microbus in Boulder than anywhere else that I've been to. And why not? The vintage Microbus has style and space, and has the unique driver's perspective - the driver's seat was on top of the front tires and the engine was in the back. It also had a driving experience much like its relative, "The Bug".

I cannot think of another vehicle that better represents a generation and an influential period in our nation's history than the Volkswagen Microbus. If you see one out and about, you immediately think 1960s'....if your memory goes back that far.

The style changed with the times and it eventually lost its appeal. There were different variations over the years, but none of them could match the classic "Type 2", as they were also called. The last one was built in Brazil in 2013.

Volkswagen recently introduced yet another version called "ID Buzz" that will soon go into production. This new bus comes with an updated cab that would include things not found in its predecessor. Things like: power windows, door locks, cruise control, and most especially, air bags. One of the reasons they had to stop production of the earlier Type 2 was it's design (drivers seat over the front wheels) would not allow for air bag technology. The ID Buzz will not have the drivers seat over the front wheels and will be instead be located in a more traditional location.

The Buzz will also be all-wheel-drive, two engines (one in front and in back), and it will be ELECTRIC!

Production will begin soon, but you won't see them on the showroom floor until 2022.

COOPER-109-01/09/01-Detroit NAIAS:VW introduce the Microbus concept vehicule today at the North Amer
David Cooper via Getty Images


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