The Mishawaka is celebrating 100 years in the canyon here in Northern Colorado, and the venue has already announced a really sweet summer concert lineup to celebrate. Koi Fly Creative Productions commemorated the iconic roadside stop with a short documentary film, 'Long Live the Mish.'

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images
Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes played the Mishawaka in fall of 2014. Photo: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

The film screened at the Otterbox Digital Dome in the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, and according to the Koi Fly Facebook page, the viewing brought Mishawaka owner Dani Grant, and other attendees, to tears.

 The Mish, as it quickly became known, was founded in 1916 as a canyon hideaway for family, friends and community to come together to play and listen to music while soaking in the beautiful sounds and sights of the canyon itself. ...Today, the Mish remains a humble, special place to visit. A standing testament of our common, ancient desire to celebrate life through music amongst the stars. The Mish holds true to its roots of music, community, family and friends. A century-old Mishawaka is a rarity in our modern age, and this is its story. -Koi Fly, via Vimeo

While we're disappointed we're not viewing it in the Digital Dome, you can see the film, 'Long Live the Mish' here. And, here's to 100 more, Mish!

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