The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery provides a variety of interactive and interesting events for all ages.

The atmosphere is instantly inviting; turn left and you see examples of local wildlife. Turn right, and you’ll see community and kids activities. Walk straight and interactive instruments await.

We met with Ben Gondrez, the Digital Dome Coordinator, who showed us the Digital Dome, with passion for a project he is excited to spearhead and bring to Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.

What project is that? A classic laser light show with a decidedly modern twist, bringing together Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin for Pink Zeppelin. This show, as with the others featured at the digital dome, is put together with the use of 5 projectors working together to create a 3-D, all around digital experience. Advertised as “Not your parent’s laser show”, it surpasses those of the past to bring our favorite classic rock into our rockin’ digital world.

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

The show debuts on June 19th at 7pm with another performance at 9pm  for only $12 per ticket or $10 for museum members. For more information about the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, Pink Zeppelin, or any other of their many activities and events visit

Sara Sommers, an intern at Townsquare Media, contributed to the writing and video of this post. 

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