Elvis' big return concert in 1968 included a Christmas song.

I never knew. I also never knew that it included a very young and beautiful Martina McBride. The crowd about lost it when she joined him onstage.

They traded back and forth in this beautiful duet during the comeback concert that is forever etched in music lovers' memories. Heck, I wasn't even alive and I know how big this show was.

Elvis had been trumped by the Beatles accomplishments. At the time, in 1968, he wasn't innovating the way other groups were. However, his adoring fan base never left him, and when he came back in that unbelievable black leather suit, he reminded the world why his name had lived on as one of the biggest in music.

Blue Christmas has long been one of my favorite Christmas songs, and there isn't too much of a reason to listen to anyone's besides Elvis' version.

This video is a holiday gem!

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