Apparently Fort Collins is a place that celebrities love to visit. Over the past few years, stars including Kevin Bacon, Katherine Heigl, and David Letterman, have all made their way to the Choice City.

And on Friday (July 19) it was a happy day, when Old Town got a visit from none other than the Fonz — ayyye! How cool is that?

Walnut Creek posted a photo of Fonzie actor Henry Winkler when he stopped in to do a little shopping on Friday afternoon.  Winkler is best known for his leather jacket-wearing character Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli on Happy Days.

Fans outside of the Walnut Street store commented, saying how nice and humble the actor was to them. While it hasn't been made clear why he's in town just yet, the Fonz in Fort Collins definitely deserves a thumbs up.

Winkler has numerous other credits, including the television series "Arrested Development" and the Adam Sandler comedy film "The Waterboy."

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