The bearded wonder himself, David Letterman, wanted to see how CSU is working to help dogs live longer, healthier lives.

David Letterman holds a special place in my life. When I was younger, I held two epic 'David Letterman' parties. I was Dave, my buddy Sam was Paul, while my brother and friends were guests- Jerry Seinfeld, Bruce Willis, Cybil Sheppard, G. Gordon Liddy... They were AWESOME. Top Ten lists, Chris Elliot.. the whole nine yards!

So, when I heard that he was in the area, of course, I was bummed because I would have loved to bump into him and tell him how my being a fan of his helped me get into radio!

Dave was in town on July 24 to get a tour of Flint Animal Cancer Center at CSU’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital, to learn about cancer in animals. The whole story shines a new light on Dave, for me. He's always come across as a mostly-stoic, shrouded, and grumpy guy. A lot of hard edges, you know what I mean? The account of his visit, he comes across as a 'big ol' softy.'

CSU wrote up the story about his visit- about how he's always had and loved dogs and animals; how he's seen them suffer. The staff showed him around the oncology unit there and discussed how treating dogs with cancer not only helps those dogs but can lead to ways of helping humans- it's their One Cure initiative.

Dave's racing team has taken on One Cure as a sponsor and they are out spreading the word on the project.

Get the whole story, and pictures of Dave, from CSU HERE!

The CSU story doesn't have one thing - a clip of Stupid Pet Tricks!

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